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Paramatmananda Ji Maharaj

About Paramatmananda Ji Maharaj (MahaMandaleshwar, MahaNirvaniAkhada/Sampradaya) :-

imageParamatmananda Ji Maharaj is one of the world famous viracharitantrasadhaks and a great spiritual leader. He was born in a reputed family from Paikpara, Kolkata. He did his education from Ramkrishna Mission Siksha Ashram. He has done his post-graduation from the Kolkata University. Thereafter, with the instruction of SrimatSwamyBrahmmanandaGirijiMaharaj, he took Sanyaason his own wholeheartedly. Siddhilabh was then achieved by him through VerrachariTantraSadhana. He even was the first rank holder in Tantrasashtra and Traditional Indian philosophy. He has till now written more than 45 books on Indian philosophy, Tantrashshtra and Astrology. His books have drawn very good response from around the world. It was really a great honor for him in 2016, Mahakumbh at Ujjain, where he was sworn in as Mahamandaleshwar of MahaNirvaniAkhra.


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Why Tantra ?

Tantra is basically technique which is used with the purpose of achieving. Tantra is the solution provided with the combination of spiritual and theoretical techniques. Many people in this world are suffering from various problems and are desperately trying to come out of the same. However, most of the people end up in frustration while finding some practical solutions to these problems. It is not that, the person lack in effort, but the solution don’t work. The person really does not know what to do next.
There are really some supernatural things that hinder a person’s effort and keep him in problem. The Tantra at this point helps the individual considerably in solving these problems and get out of all tedious & grim situations. They help to remove most of the unseen obstacles and provide best spiritual solution to overcome these deep rooted problems and achieve the success.